.... money money money...........

Woah - $300 to register our suv - I had no idea it was going to be so much - I am even happier now that I was able to talk him down on the price, we needed that extra $400 just to be allowed to drive the thing.
I still didn't get my turn to drive it. Tyson took it to get it inspected then registered, and then had to go to work. So only one carseat was put in it (Thomas went with him - He demanded to go ride in the "silver SUV" ) Plus it is a cold rainy day, so I don't really even feel like going out of the house.

Tyson and I think that we have settled on a new house floor plan that we think is going to work for us - the garage is smaller, and the bedrooms are all different sizes, but they are ok sizes, so we think it will work. We go back on friday to turn in our paperwork, we still don't know which lot we'd want (like I said they are all a little "scrappy") but I bet that we wouldn't even get the one we really wanted anyway since we are third in line right now.

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