Grayson got a haircut.

Thomas skinned his knees all up on his last day of summer school.  Way to go out with a bang I guess.

I finally got the laundry done - especially the wet smelly stuff from out camp trip on monday.

I discovered my NEW drill (the one I got after returning the first new one that was broken) is also broken - this one doesn't have the chuck.  I called the service phone # on the box to ask if they could just send me a chuck, but the lady told me to take it back, cuz it's rediculous that the chuck is missing on a brand new drill.  So another trip to Lowes is in my future, and the stuff I want to hang on my walls, and the other projects I really really want to do, will have to wait even longer.

I loaded music onto a cute little mp3 player.  It is nice to get to listen to my own "grownup" music.  I like the kids music, but hearing "do you know the muffin man" over and over and over again, can literally drive a person insane.

When Tyson came home for lunch today the boys actually sat and ate their dinner in a nice quiet manner.  (WOW)

not too exciting, but that is what we did today.

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