Our fun weekend part 1

Tyson checked his calendar at work, and there was only one Friday in the year left to request the day off.  So he took it. 
So Friday we had a fun family day after Thomas got home from school.  His teacher sends him home with a note, so I know how his behavior was.  He brought home a "good day" note, so we really wanted to let him know that made us happy, so we took him to the park.  I loved trying to get some good photos of the boys, the light was great, and the playground was a fun back drop.  And  I actually got a few cute ones out of a hundred or so. LOL.

he can climb like a monkey :)

 merry go round
 the space bubble

 "blow flowers"
 He is learning that you don't put them in your mouth to blow on them.
 the boys like to wear their cowboy hats on wagon rides, so the sun doesn't shine in their eyes so much.

OK, well, dang blogger will only let me do half the pictures, so we'll do more posts just to show our fun weekend.

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