I must be crazy

I just bought us tickets to go to a Day out with Thomas- it's a 3 hour drive down to Heber.
We took Thomas when he was about 2 - the ride was a bit disappointing and we went on Memorial Day Monday, so it was a crazy busy day.

I remember somehow Thomas had an accident, and he was all wet, and he got me all wet. I had a change of clothes for him, but not for me.

With Thomas being, well, Thomas - he wasn't really interested in anything, so we didn't stay long. And ended up going to the zoo afterward that day too. That was too much LOL.

Anyway -- Grayson is at that Thomas the Train loving age, and I talked Tyson into letting us go again this year. I think we will have a much better time. We are going on a Saturday, and a little later in the afternoon, so we can take our time a little easier.
I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a well spent $70 (I am choking on that price honestly - it's a bit unbelievable - yet I did it anyway).

Before we get to the end of may, though our weekends are going to be pretty full. In April we have General Conference, then Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center in Logan. Then Tyson will have his game day, then will be our anniversary. The next weekend will be easter - we hope to do an easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's house in Newton on the saturday!!! Then the next weekend is the last of April. Yikes. It hasn't even started yet LOL.......
Lots to look forward to!

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