The boys love watching "The Backyardigans".   I got the brilliant idea to give them props while they watched one of their favorite episodes "Whodunit", so they weren't just being little couch potatoes.  They have been having SO much fun acting out being the detectives.

they also play a game for the episode called "cave mans best friend" - it's hard to explain, but they take a scooter, bike, car, and the red wagon (which they pretend is a firetruck) , and put them all out on the lawn in a row.  then they hop from one to the other, pretending they are sinking into a "tar puddle".

Thomas's other favorite is "Garbage Trek".  he now loves to help his daddy take out the trash.  but we had to monitor him when he started making trash on purpose just so he could throw things away (he's my destructive little man)...

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