no more NOG ??????

Every single morning starts out the same for us - Thomas gets out of bed, and sits (bounches) on the couch while he waits for me to mix up his morning NOG in the blender. For those who don't know "NOG" is milk, yogurt, and banana. I think I have been doing this for almost a year and a half.

But the day before yesterday his nog cup (a sippy type cup with a soft straw) broke. Sure I could go to the store and buy ANOTHER one - but I think it's time for him to move on from that cup. So sure enough I talked things over with him and explained that the nog would be in a different cup and we picked out one we had with a straw, so he could still sip it. But he barely touched it - actually, he didn't drink more than about 2 sips of it, and then we forgot about it, and it got spilled all over my floor (yeah, I am used to the no-spill sippy cup still too).

So this morning, I prepared some pumpkin bread for him to munch on right away, and he devoured it, and didn't even care that we didn't make nog. He asked about it a little bit later, and I asked if he was sure he wanted me to make it, or if he would rather have apple juice, and he happily accepted a juice box instead.

I am kinda glad to not have to use the noisey blender every morning - I was worried that when Grayson got here, that the noise would be irritating to him, or wake him up if he was sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Cool, it sounds like he's making the transition emotionally, now the motor skills have to catch up. :)

Vanisi Family said...

Take it from me, the second child can sleep thru ANYTHING!!!