too busy to blog

sorry, there haven't been any updates on us lately. With the Thanksgiving weekend and then several other things that came up, we have just been a busy bunch.

So now that I have a little free time, I am going to ramble on and on, about whatever comes to mind, and call it good.

Let's see, first of all, I had my first appointment with my new OB on Monday. My OBGYN decided he was going to quit his practise a month before our baby is due, so that threw me into a bit of a panic for a while. Because of several circumstances, I have chosen to go to a Dr in Logan, and that makes things a little bit complicated on us.

First, I have to get appointments scheduled on days when I can take Tyson to work, so that I can use the car - and that means Mondays - they are the only day that I can do that.
Second, I have to get someone to watch Thomas - this week I left him with Sara, so he could play with Keithan and Halden. Sara wasn't feeling so great, so I felt so bad leaving her with more work - BUT THANK YOU SARA, couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!
the timing of the appointment was so bad, so Thomas didn't get a nap for the day, and the next morning, the poor kid slept in until almost 10 am (that has NEVER happened before - he is usually up at 7:30) But that was kinda a nice break for Tyson and I to get to sleep in too, especially after a big day of running all around.

The other thing we have to worry about is the winter weather. We have to drive thru the Sardine Canyon from Brigham to Logan, and it can get pretty slick on snowy days.

We joked with my family, that when I do go into labor, that whoever we can find at home, will be the lucky one who will get to watch Thomas while we headed to the hospital. You should have seen the look on Nate's face - and we all laughed that he will never answer his phone when we call again. LOL. (he would do fine with watching Thomas, as long as someone else came along and got him after an hour or so)

Anyway - so at my first appointment with my new OB, he stunned me by informing me that I had NOT passed my 1 hour glucose test, and now needed to take the 3 hour test before returning for my next appointment, which he said would have to be in 1 week (instead of the 2 weeks like I had been planning). I guess my old Doc would have concidered I had passed the test - I had a 136 - because he thinks that under 140 is ok, but the new Doc says it had to be under 130 to be ok.

So I had to find an extra 4 hours of time to spend sitting around at the hospital to get the 3 hour test done. Luckily, we got it set up, so that I could do it at the Tremonton hospital, so I didn't have to go all the way into Logan. They took one blood sample first when I had an empty stomach, then I had to drink that ever so yummy Orange Drink (tastes like Overly sugared sunkist) - and then wait an hour, and test again, then another hour and test again, and for the third time an hour later.
So that is how I wasted 4 hours of my day yesterday. By the time the testing was over it was noon, and I hadn't eaten anything since the night before, except for that dang drink, so I had to find something to eat Quick, so I could drive home safely.
The nice Doctors office called later in the day and said that I passed the 3 hour test, so I do not have gestational diabetes. What a relief.

Tyson enjoyed the time he got to spend watching Thomas, though- it is really good for them to have some quality Father/Son time - just the two of them. They played the "basket game" - which is Daddy, pushing Thomas around the house inside the laundry basket, like a sled. They did "Ride on Daddy's" - piggyback rides. And they did "Woooo's" - which is when Thomas lays on the couch, Tyson hold his hands, and swings him from one side of the sectional couch to the other, and they both say "woooo" as Thomas flys thru the air. Oh, yeah, and they played "Roars" - Thomas runs to where Daddy is "hiding" and Daddy jumps out and yells "roar" and gives him big hugs, then lets him go, so he can run again. I need to get some of these games on video and upload them onto here! That will be my next project.

Well, we have our Christmas lights and the tree up. Thomas makes me turn them on the minute he gets up in the morning, and we don't turn them off until I go to bed at night. I hope we aren't running up the electric bill, hmmmm?

I was really sad when I pulled my favorite strand of lights out, and was just about to put them around the tree, but thought I should test them first - and found that they didn't turn on anymore :( They were neat because they flashed in really cool patterns. But I have had them for about 6 years, so I guess that their time had passed. I am just glad I did test them before getting them all up on the tree.

well, I hope that is a good enough catch up for ya'll. I will try to do better :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a bummer about your doctor. Kinda rude, he could have at least wait until he delivered all his babies.

Glad yall are doing well!