One week to go

Next Thursday (APRIL 22)  is our open house (from 4pm to 6pm).

We are feeling the crunch this week.  I want to be out there ALL the time, but with the kiddos, it's just not possible.  So far this week we:
got paint on the exterior doors, one more coat on one side of the atrium door, and one more coat on the garage side door today and that will be done. 
touch up paint done around the house - windows, doors, baseboards, closets, dings in the walls (there are just too many of those)
Tyson poured a cement step for the front door. (and at the neighobors, too)
the wood flooring needed all the skinny baseboard strips like around the base of the kitchen cabinets, and the doors, (Thanks to Ryan who came and helped Tyson get that pain in the neck project done), and the big transition strips put down too - but we were one piece short so Ty got it ordered, and is going to Logan to pick it up this morning and then out to the house to get it put down.
We are getting everything all cleaned up so we can get carpet put in.  The first house got theirs in on Monday - it looks great - and when I walked in, the biggest surprize was that the ECHO was gone.  LOL - it was so weird. 
We have to take all the doors in the house back down for the carpet people (inset rolling eyes here - I hate all this putting them up and then taking them back down business)


nachista said...

Looking good, you are in the home stretch...so when is the house warming party?

Mindy :) said...

April 22 from 4-6 for the open house --- after we paint and move in we will be throwing another party sometime in May or early June