Awww, cute!

Since we are having a second boy, we are lucky to not have to buy too many new things for this one. But today at Walmart I had to stop and browse the baby asile for a minute and Thomas helped me pick out these 2 little outfits for Grayson. One is a premie size and the other is newborn size - so I think these will be the outfits I will take with me to the hospital for coming home outfits.

At the house, I have two tote bins one has 0-3 month clothes and the other has the 3-6 month clothes - Thomas likes to make me open them up every once in a while, to check out Graysons digs. It's kinda like he is already bonding with his baby brother. :)


Leslie said...

awww those are cute outfits. I love shopping for baby stuff. I really like the name you chose for this new baby!

talesha said...

Those are soo cute! We bought our new little an outfit this weekend too! It is pink and brown and is so cute!