can't hurt to look, right?

We aren't supposed to be house hunting yet - not yet - we wanted about 4 more months to save - but I came across a house online, and HAD to go see it.
So we went and looked at a house today, and both Tyson and I really like pretty much everything about it.

We aren't so sure that we can afford it with the sudden change in interest rates, but tomorrow we are going to the bank to find out.

Home buying is so stressful.

Even if we don't buy this house at this time, it's still "interesting" practice. You have to absorb so much information about the house as you walk thru it. Not just the good, but also the bad, not just the inside, but also the outside - and not just the yard, but the whole neighborhood - and the schools.

Then the "designer" in me, starts to remodel and decorate in my head. This can be both good and bad. On the good side, it helps me see past the cosmetic negatives in a house (like the wallpaper, and the brilliently bright shag carpet). On the bad side, I can get carried away with what is necessary and what could be left as is - at least for a while (like the brown fridge, or the outdated flourescent light).

So anyway, that has been all consuming in my little brain today.
I am both totally freaked out and looking forward to going to the bank tomorrow to see where we actually stand on being prepared/ready for this whole HOME BUYING experience. Wish us luck :)


Nichole Jolene said...

too fun! post pics! what do you love? what do you have to "live with" for awhile?

nachista said...

If it is an older home make sure to get a home inspection before you sign the REPC. The inspector will see things that you normally wouldn't notice...like problems with the foundation or roof or floor joists.

It is a buyer's market so don't be afraid to counter offer if you think their asking price is too high. Also don't be afraid to ask for consessions as well: seller pays closing costs (standard in Utah), seller buys a home warranty (an excellent thing to have especially if the appliances are a little bit older), seller cleans carpets or re-paints before the settlement deadline.

Give me the address and I can look up the county tax roll and tell you how much the county valued the house at.

Try bank or credit unions, you will almost always get a better rate through them than from a mortgage broker. Also try applying to some of the major mortgage firms online and avoid the commission charges. Countrywide, Wells Fargo, Republic Mortgage, GMAC are all good lenders.

MIN:) said...

the things we loved included all the things that came with the house - like the flat top stove, fridge, xtra freezer, woodburning stove, and also the completely fenced in yard and in a good location close to the elm. school.

BUT alas - as we should have known, we should not have been looking just yet - we still to save just a "tad" bit more, so that we feel comfortable before being full time home owners.