I am not sure if I am slowing down, or if Thomas is speeding up. But this last week, I just feel like I cannot keep up with this little boy.
He seems to get smarter with leaps and bounds. He can now pull open the drawers on his dresser (and those drawers are really hard to open, but he set his mind to it LOL) I hid toys in there that I sometimes "rotate" into his usual toys to kinda spice things up. Well, he got them ALL out. So I have had an over abundance of toys all over the house. It's good that he has some new things to play with, though, he seemed to need the new stimulation. He has gotten really good at the puzzles that not too long ago were just too frustrating for him.
He wants to do everything at the same time - so all the puzzles are out, all the flashcards, the play-doh, the crayons, the cars, the trains. And he switches back and forth all the day.
We have been partly successful at getting him to try new foods. We changed his highchair to a "lowchair" and push it up to the table with us, and give him the same things that we are eating for the meal. Some meals are miserable failures, with all the screaming and kicking, but sometimes he actually cooperates and we find more and more foods that he decides he likes.
oh, yeah, He can now open up the fridge on his own, and get his waterbottle, juice box or whatever out of there, and then closes the door. It's a good thing I keep the snacks and treats up out of his reach, I don't want him to start ruining his meals.

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