We have started having regular Family Home Evening. With Thomas's personality, I knew that we would have to be consistant with him, and so far it is working out pretty great!!!

We sing a song (or several depending on his demands, LOL)
His favorites right now are the "Choose the Right" songs we taught him a few weeks ago with the choose the right lesson, and "Book of Mormon Stories" - he likes Samuel the Lamanite.
Then we pray - for some reason he has been throwing a fit about this, so it takes us a good 5 minutes or so to calm him down, and get him quiet enough to say a quick prayer. This has been improving, but still not good yet.
Then we read a verse from our Book of Mormon about whatever the lesson is - Tyson and I trade off teaching each week.
And then we color a picture of what the lesson was about, and we hang them on the fridge. Thomas LOVES taking last weeks pictures down, and putting up the new ones for the week. I LOVE that all thru the week, he will go to the pictures on the fridge and tell me about the lesson. Really melts my heart.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tradition to start.

Sara ;) said...

You guys are so good! There is nothing more joyful than teaching little ones about the gospel and our Savior. It's addicting! :) I love the idea of pictures every week! So cute!

Vanisi Family said...

I love LOVE that idea! We've been trying to figure out how to include our guys in FHE, but we've pretty much just been having it after the boys go down. I love what you guys have done w/ Thomas, and it totally inspires me to try again w/ our guys. Thanks!