all wrapped up

yep, all the christmas presents are wrapped. They are not under the tree, as one visitor yesterday observed. Nope. They are all wrapped, but safely stashed away again until christmas morning. I might set a few out christmas eve to tempt them - get them excited for morning, but my impulsive little Thomas doesn't need that temptation for days on days. And I know if Thomas touched them, Grayson would follow suit.
I mentioned on one online forum that my kids haven't left the tree alone since day one. And I was amazed when people responded that their kids were pretty good to just look at the tree and not touch it. LOL - how would that be?
We put the tree up on Thanksgiving afternoon, since Daddy had to go to work, and I wanted something festive to do. But I am pretty sure that we will be taking the tree down the week after christmas, maybe even before the new year. I DO love it, but (especially since it's brand new) I want it to last for a few years at least, so we should keep it's exposure to a minimum.

I just barely got my other stuff hung around a few days ago. Our stockings are hung. I put up some green garland with white lights, and my green shimmery wreath I made nearly 15 years ago. I have one more wreath that I want to make, if I can find the time. I guess I might leave that stuff up a little longer, we'll see.
So I guess you might like to see some pictures, huh?
ok, here ya go. They are not amazing or anything.... but sometimes the blurry ones catch the image I want to tell the story....

Our ornaments include Candy canes (Thomas's favorite), stars that glitter, and jingle bells. And there are a few others, but our ornament collection is small, since this is the first 'normal' size tree we have ever put up. This year they are getting small nativity ornaments in their countdown calendar, and they love putting those on the tree. And I love telling them what each ornament is about (like the "Lego starwars shepherd").

The tree casts a really nice Glow :)

In this picture you see that they put all the big candy canes on one branch. I found that very amusing

The next Morning Grayson was so excited to show Daddy the tree. And we could tell he just wanted to tell him all about it, and how he had helped decorate it. (too bad he isn't talking yet).

here is our unimpressive, but twinkley outside lights - we will do better next year.

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