to do list

I decided to sit down and make a list of what I still needed to get done before I can relax and enjoy our christmas celebrations this year.
I did all my shopping early, so that is done.
And I have already stocked the pantry and freezer, so I am prepared for making christmasy treats and christmas day dinner.

Still to do:
We are doing a birthday party for Rochelle (Tyson's mom) on saturday. So I need to keep my house clean, especially the kitchen.

Wrapping gifts -that is one of the things I procrastinate doing every year- mostly because I now know better than to put anything under the tree until christmas eve. Thomas is just too "impulsive". There is no way of knowing when he will suddenly decide it's time to tear them open.

I have got to get started on the robes and jammie pants that I intend to give Thomas and Grayson. I am not a great sewer, but I can sew. It can take a while though, so I really should get started on this one, or they won't have the "something to wear" part of my gift giving philosophy.

I don't plan to do much in the way of treats or big meals (besides christmas day), but I do want to give something in the way of a "neighborhood gift" - especially to the neighbors we built with. I may just make cookies. Or I could give some gift wrap (I always liked that one) But it may just be a handmade card, or something, I haven't decided what I want to do yet.

Other than that - I am ready.

I ordered a few more christmasy books, besides the books the boys will be getting as gifts ("something to read" part of my gift giving philosophy).
I am still not feeling like I am adequately focusing on Christ enough for the boys to be picking anything up. Yes we have the nativity they can play with. But I don't think they are learning much from mommy yelling "don't throw baby Jesus". I put it back together each night, and in the morning they start playing with it, and the pieces get taken all around the house, the sheep gets put up as the angel on top of the stable, and the shepherds get hidden under the couch.
I also got out the nativity window clings. Those lasted one day, and now they have been pulled off the window so many times, they won't stick, and are all over the floor instead.
So I got more books, that I plan to read to the boys at bed time. I hope that if I can get them to sit and listen, and look at the pictures, something of value might just sink in. I will keep ya'll posted on how that goes.


nachista said...

Have you tried putting gifts in sturdy cardboard boxes, ducttaping any possible entry point and THEN wrapping it in the pretty paper. He won't be able to in that way and maybe it will frustrate him from trying it in the future.

I love duct tape.

Mindy :) said...

LOL great idea!