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I am working on cleaning out the "MY Documents" on the computer and had several articles accumulated from several years. I saved them while searching for an answer to what I wanted Christmas to be in our home.
So to keep them and also share them, I am putting the quotes on here, so I can refer back to them later if I need a reminder.


Advent/ What is Christmas

a list of Christmas Activities to Do

"While it's nice to find a thoughtful gift for that special someone, what they really want is you. The people that are most important in your life want your time and attention. They want your happiness."

"Whether you consider this time of year to be an important part of your faith or just a time of goodwill, rushing from store to store will take your mind from the real meaning of the season. You will be focused on things. Not on the relationships that are important to your life."

When angels came that holy night,
They did not visit kings;
A large and glorious army
Never heard them sing.
It was not in a palace
The angels came to earth—
But on a lonely hillside
They told of Jesus’s birth.
They appeared to humble shepherds
Tending their flocks by night
And told them of the Christ child
While the star shone so bright.
If we can be like shepherds,
Humble, pure, and mild,
We, too, can know the Savior,
Once the blessed Christ child.

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